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Improving Clubhead Speed and Your Golf Swing With Golf Fitness Training

Compensations in the golf swing are often categorized as "swing faults", indicating that an error exists in the actual mechanics of the golf swing. The normal approach to correcting "swing faults" is through instruction from a qualified teaching professional and follow up practice. This is the correct approach in the development of the golf swing, but one must also understand the role their body plays in the game of golf. The amateur often times is unaware the role in which their body plays upon the execution of the golf swing. Essentially it is your body (i.e. bones, muscles, and nerves) executing each and every phase of the golf swing.

In order to execute each phase of the golf swing correctly certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power are required. If a golfer is lacking in any one of these physical parameters required of the golf swing. Compensations will occur within it. Not from the actual biomechanics of the swing, but rather from the body.

For example, if you are lacking the proper levels of flexibility to perform a full shoulder turn. Compensations will occur in the golf swing directly related to this lack of flexibility in the body. Often the amateur fails to realize the compensation is a result of their body and fails to ever "fix" or improve their golf swing as a result. Bottom line, the golf swing requires certain levels of flexibility, balance, strength, endurance, and power to execute correctly. If the amateur desires to improve their golf game some attention must be focused upon developing these parameters within the body.

The development of these physical components for the swing can be achieved through the implementation of a golf fitness program. Such a program will develop the requirements of the body relative to the swing. Allowing you the ability to execute the golf swing correctly.

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